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Written as an easy to follow journal, the WOW for girls curriculum is designed to give young women a forum to discuss the moral and ethical challenges they face.


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She is your princess…
That makes you the monarch.What would happen if your only heir were taken hostage by some apposing kingdom? Wouldn’t you fight to get her back?
Well guess what? more

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Holly Stiles Johnson is a veteran high school teacher with seventeen years experience working with teenagers..


Once upon a time

There doesn’t seem to be a lot of talk in our modern world anymore about integrity, moral fortitude, or strength of character. Well guess what? Right and wrong do exist.

 W.O.W – Women of Worth for girls is a self-esteem curriculum designed to assist modern young women with some of the difficult moral and social choices they face.

 It is not enough to sit and wait for your life to change; you must go out and fight for it. Slay those dragons that would threaten your kingdom.

 Perhaps the color of a fairy tale princess should continue to be pink.

 But the color of a warrior princess is charcoal gray: the color her soot stained hand leaves across her forehead as she wipes the sweat of battle from her brow.

 It’s time to pick up your sword and step out of your tower.

 Join me on the battlefield.

  W.O.W. – Women of Worth for Girls
Changing girls’ lives one healthy choice at a time.