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Written as an easy to follow journal, the WOW for girls curriculum is designed to give young women a forum to discuss the moral and ethical challenges they face.


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She is your princess…
That makes you the monarch.What would happen if your only heir were taken hostage by some apposing kingdom? Wouldn’t you fight to get her back?
Well guess what? more

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Holly Stiles Johnson is a veteran high school teacher with seventeen years experience working with teenagers..


The curriculum is written in a fun format that provokes a personal journey of healthy insight and choices.  Each girl is given her own booklet with journaling pages and topics embedded within the lessons. This allows for maximum flexibility, because it can be used by the girls individually, in a small group, or a larger group setting. It can even be used by students helping other students or by parents and daughters as a means of starting some very important conversations.

Set in the context of a “Warrior Princess” (because it is not enough to just sit around looking pretty) W.O.W. for girls begins by addressing the types of things we think and feel about ourselves: validation, healthy coping mechanisms, self-talk, and body image. It continues with the behavior boundaries we set for ourselves: dealing with bullying and choosing a boyfriend. It ends with an eye for the future about the kind of legacy we want to leave for our own daughters: physical intimacy and modesty.

Finally, a program that tells young women what they are hungry to hear: respect and honor from others comes first from setting behavioral boundaries and respecting and honoring yourself.

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