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Written as an easy to follow journal, the WOW for girls curriculum is designed to give young women a forum to discuss the moral and ethical challenges they face.


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She is your princess…
That makes you the monarch.What would happen if your only heir were taken hostage by some apposing kingdom? Wouldn’t you fight to get her back?
Well guess what? more

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Holly Stiles Johnson is a veteran high school teacher with seventeen years experience working with teenagers..


Portrait of Holly Stiles JohnsonHOLLY STILES JOHNSON

HOLLY is a veteran high school teacher with seventeen years experience working with teenage girls. She has taught English, ELD, and At-Risk Reading, but it is through her experiences running the Drama Department at Santiago High School in Garden Grove, California that she has worked with both young men and women on building self-esteem, owning their own baggage, and setting personal boundaries. Through conversations with students, colleagues, and parents, Holly has created a program that attempts to combat many of the unhealthy and demeaning messages that young women are given today about body-image and self-worth. Holly was selected as "Woman of the Week" by CBS News.


Erica has her Bachelor’s Degree in Human Services and her Master’s Degree in Social Work. She has worked in the field of child abuse and neglect for over 10 years. She is actively involved in transitioning foster youth into adults who are productive members of society. Erica has taught parenting, anger management, and life skills classes for teenagers. She is a passionate believer in not letting your past negatively impact your future.